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Hamilton's Awesome Farmer's Market

The weekly grocery shop - to many people the thought of grocery shopping can be both daunting and painful.  Crowded aisles, barely ripe produce, vacuum packed meat from a factory farm, long lines at the checkout, and if you have a question...good luck!

I spent some time at the Hamilton Farmer's Market where shopping is much more human experience.

Really Great Jerk Chicken

I know winter arrived pretty late this year, but if you're like me then the prospect of another month or more of winter has me wishing I was on an island down south.  I may just have a small respite for you If you are craving a bit of the taste of summer, or the Caribbean.  You really owe it to yourself to head over to Granny's Place (9 Robert Street Hamilton) for lunch some day to enjoy some of their awesome Jerk Chicken.