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Just Build It - Stop The Inane LRT Debate Before We Are left Behind

I really can't fathom why there is a mind-numbing debate in Hamilton right now about the LRT. People are actually spending money to make No LRT in Hamilton signs and posting them up around the city.  As one acquaintance pointed out...really badly designed signs at that.

I could see the validity of serious debate if the city were considering LRT without outside funding (if that were the case, it just wouldn't be considered at all I suppose) BUT THEY'RE NOT....

The province has committed $1,000,000,000 to build it. period. Count them zeros! That's a Billion... With a B....When does a city get a 1 Billion dollar capital infrastructure investment from the Province...  let me help you.  Never.  And yet here we are with a $1Billion dollar gift of state of the art transit infrastructure sitting on a silver platter and the city is debating what to do.  Let me answer the question for you.  TAKE IT!  before someone else does.  I suspect that some people at Brantford city hall …