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Glenn Matthews Shhh and livestalk @ HAVNThurs April 13th w Queerfang

Glenn Matthews Shhh and livestalk @ HAVNThurs April 13th w Queerfang music from 8:30-11:15pm doors @ 8:00pm
$ pwyc
all ages
genre: mixed punk,no wave,slowcore,hush, noise...etc...

Who should go If you like a bit of angst in your tea.  If you aren't afraid of a little dissonance and music that's far away from the mainstream.  If you're comfortable in a smaller unlicenced venue.  This is a queer/trans/femme identifying friendly event so you should feel especially welcome if you identify as such. Why should I go? Glenn Matthews, Shhh and livestalk & the bodies are a pretty solid lineup - this should be pretty great.

Set Times 8:30////////
So this is Queerfang's first show apparently - give them a shot

Glenn Matthews (philly)
somber songwrite slowcore

If you can't make it early try to make it by 9:15.  Glenn's writing is solid.  His songs (like next time we meet) hit on the struggle to connect, mis…

What is...What Is Hamilton?

About this edition...and What Is Hamilton
If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon something new...really new. This is the very first edition,and in truth it's not a full edition. If this were a restaurant, we'd call this the "soft opening".

This Week's Live Music Recommendations - April 13-April 19th 2017

This Week's Hamilton Live Music Recommendations Every week we provide a listing of some of the many many music events happening in Hamilton. We can't possibly list them all, but we try to highlight some of the shows that stand out from the rest. The music listings are posted every Wednesday and if we try to keep them updated throughout the week. Here are this week's shows:

Rough and Tumble, Dan Whitener, and Will Gillespie @Artword Artbar

I'm not really sure how I've not been to Artword Artbar before last Wednesday, but there you have it and here I am. I love the place!The caveat emptor for Artword Artbar is that it's not the type of room to include on a pub crawl or even a girls night out. Artword Artbar (and they are sure to give you plenty of warning before the start of the show) is what's called a listening room - which is just to say, that when the music is playing, they expect everyone to be listening and on a night such as this it's darn good advice.
Will Gillespie The night started with Will Gillespie - Will is a Hamilton singer-songwriter, actor and now playwright that is often seen on bills around Hamilton with a full band. His style with a full band is a darkish rockabilly meets Johnny Cash sort of show and it's fun. His songwriting hints at excess and passion ("I fell off the wagon into your arms") and I think of gritty twangy guitar when h…

SIANspheric with JERKAGRAM @ This Ain't Hollywood - April 19, 2017

SIANspheric with JERKAGRAM @ This Ain’t Hollywood April 19, 2017
Genre: Space Rock / Shoegazer
Time: 8pm (7:30 pm doors)
$TBA at the door
here's the event page at the venue

Personal bias disclosure, I've liked this band ever since I saw them touring their 1995 release Somnium.

West Harbour GO Station update (video)

While debate rages on about the future of transit within Hamilton, slowly but surely the West Harbour GO Station (On James Street North across from Liuna Station) is about to make it easier to travel in and out of the city.

For a little over a year now, the station has had two regular trains to and from Toronto's Union station. Currently the existing trains depart West Harbour Go at 06:09 AM and 06:39 AM arriving in Toronto at 07:20 AM and 07:50 AM respectively. The return trains leave Toronto at 4:00 PM and 5:15 PM arriving back at West Harbour at 5:12 PM and 6:27 PM respectively. In spite of the scant schedule, ridership has been increasing steadily on these trains. While these train times may not be the most convenient for all riders, things are likely to improve in the not so distant future.

It appears that final stages of station construction are almost complete. The GO Transit website indicates that the following are complete and open for public use:
Station building –…

Red Hill Valleys @ This Ain’t Hollywood with MATTIE LEON, ABIGAL LAPELL & SWEET ROGER - Tuesday April 18th

Red Hill Valleys @ This Ain’t Hollywood with MATTIE LEON, ABIGAL LAPELL & SWEET ROGER Tuesday April 18th
Genre: Folk, Americana, Southern Rock
Time: 8pm (7:30 pm doors)
$6 at the door
here's the event page at the venue
Who should go? If you like acoustic music with great vocals, harmonies and a band that knows how to have fun - The Red Hill Valleys and their supporting crew for this show definitely fit the bill.
Why should I go? The Red Hill Valleys (band website) sway between country, folk, Americana and southern rock. I like this band because they don't take themselves too seriously and you feel like you're listening to a bunch of friends at a house party - you'll love it. Check out this car jam to see what I mean

On top of that, they have a really great line up for the night with Sweet Roger, Mattie Leon and Abigal Lapelle. Try not to miss this show.
About Mattie Leon
Mattie has showcased at Canadian Music Week (Toronto), was a semi…

Punk Rock Karaoke @ This Ain’t Hollywood - April 13th, 2017

Punk Rock Karaoke @ This Ain’t Hollywood Thursday April 13th, 2017
Genre: Um...Punk
Time: 9pm (8pm doors)
$ tbd at the door
Who should go? Anyone who’s always wanted to be Joey Ramone or any other punk band front man. This travelling show features Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks), Stan Lee (Dickies), Darren Pfeiffer (Gold Finger, Sum 41) and Steve Solo (adolescents, agent orange) who form a back up band for anyone who wants to get up and sing. There’s a list of songs to choose from, you sign up and...well, you get the idea. In case you don’t get the idea check out this vid

Why should you go? Come on...who hasn’t wanted to sing in a punk band at least once in your life. But seriously if you’re a fan of punk this is pretty frikkin cool. This show is only hitting up a few select cities in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton and London) before they head to New York, and Hamilton’s punk heritage probably was a factor so come on out and do Hamilton proud.
About the venue This…