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Hamilton Music Scene - Hello Cat Piano Open Jam

Hello Cat Piano - An Awesome Open Jam / Open Mic Night
I'm a musician who's a recent transplant to the Hamilton area, so I've been really interested in connecting with other local musicians and hopefully getting a band together soon.  As any musician will tell you, open mic and open jams are a great place  to connect with other musicians and This Ain't Hollywood has a great one with their "Hello Cat Piano" open mic.  Even if you are not a musician it's worth coming by just to listen - Read on to find out more about this great Hamilton tradition

Tropical House - A Tonic For The Winter Blues

It's January's not even February yet. Which means that there could very well be lots more winter left.  With the lack of snow and generally grey feeling of everything right now I find myself reacting with vitriolic responses to anyone who is on vacation in warmer climates.  As if they have the nerve to post pictures.  What the hell!  "na na na na na I'm sipping Margaritas" I hear them saying.  With their bare feet sticking out in front of a perfectly good view of the beach...
Ah well - I have found a small reprieve from the cold and grey - Gage Park Tropical House